The Completeness of the Void

When the sun goes down and the sky goes dark, we see the stars, trillions of miles away, and the great, black void which goes on forever, because wherever we are on Earth, and whoever we are, it doesn’t matter much because we, i.e. the whole planet, is IN outer space, it’s not just like we’re down here on Earth looking up at it, or out at it, I suppose, there being no up or down in space, but we are actually in it, despite the Earth confirmation bias inherent in our main systems of perception.
Some have asked, why is it if light travels forever in a straight line, and the universe appears to be damned near infinite,why is the night sky not awash in light? I’ve read explanations, and I don’t understand all the science, but I get the idea that it has to do with the universe being really, really big, and also maybe because it’s all moving away from us.
Basically, and this would also explain why we don’t have federation starships stopping by for a visit on a regular basis, most of space is totally empty. Maybe even less that empty, if that’s what anti-matter means.
But, within that emptiness, there is whatever it us that all of existence has sprung from, and will spring again and again and again.

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