Democrats Fuck Up Again

The results of the election for DNC chairperson were not unexpected. However, that does not make them any less unacceptable.
I can’t understand why they elected Tom Perez. There’s no indication that the Russians hacked the election. The FBI, as far as I know, had no involvement at all. This was a private election, at the high party muck-a-muck level. The final vote was something like 250-200.
Was it important? You bet. The last DNC chair (not counting the brief and embarrassing tenure of Donna Brazile) was Debbie Wassermann Schultz, who was forced to resign in disgrace after it was revealed how much, and how blatantly, she had cheated in the primaries. So, the DNC chair has a lot of power. They have a big role in determining the party’s next nominee. A bigger role than the general public, apparently.
And so, despite fierce opposition from Sanders supporters, without whom, it has been demonstrated, the Democrats cannot win a national election, they elected Tom Perez.
I only see a couple of possible explanations, and none of them bode well for the future of the Democratic party.
Maybe they figure progressives will warm to him, once he’s in office. Hah. The one thing he’s actually known for is being a Clinton loyalist. We’re not going to warm to that. Forget it.
Or, it could be (and I’m seriously started to believe this) the Democrats actually want to lose. Like, maybe, that’s what they’ve been paid to do.
After all, the last time the DNC totally ignored the Sanders supporters that’s what happened. And that’s what they’re doing again.

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