Some Random Thoughts on a Monday Evening

I should be in bed already so I’m just going to crank out whatever, I don’t really care about the Oscars and haven’t seen any of the nominated films, so I’m just as happy with Moonlight as anything else, all the gay people I know are over the moon about it, so I guess that’s a good thing – doesn’t quite make up for the shit they’re going through now politically, but film, inspirational though it might be, can’t quite do that, and certainly a film awards show is even more escapist than that. What we need is an Awards Show to give out awards for The Best Awards Show. The first step toward an infinite digression, the top of the slippery slope.
I suspect the Oscar flub may have been deliberate, so Steve Harvey wouldn’t feel so bad.

It was definitely a warm, spring day and I felt good about that during my perambulations around Prague. I’ve seen some hard, little green buds at the end of branches, I hope they aren’t premature, victims to be of a late, bit-you-in-the-ass spring frost, which is always a possibility. But, winter is, for the most part, over, and I’m damned glad.

Oh, I know it’s a sign of global warming, and the implications are disastrous, but something can be disastrous for the human race as a whole and still personally pleasing. There are things that make me angry, but still make me laugh. There are things I know I shouldn’t eat that I eat, and times I shouldn’t smoke but still go ahead and do.
We’re all going to die some day. What the hell.

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