Rereading Lord of the Rings and noticing that it, like Harry Potter, has to spend some time explaining the relationship between magic and reality, and that’s sort of true I guess in any book about magic, there has to be limits, otherwise you just have Superman and it’s bullshit.
The part I’m referring to is after the siege of Gondor and the Battle of the Pelenor Fields, when Merry, and Eowyn, and Faramir are all laying in hospital (excuse me, The House of Healing)and Aragorn asks one of the nurses for an herb called Kingsfoil and they sort of dismiss the idea, like ‘that old herb, old people make tea out of it but it has no healing properties,’ but of course it does. They all get healed, as if by magic.
It’s like when Harry has the bone in his arm inadvertently removed by Gilderoy Lockhart’s quack wizardry, and somebody (the Werewolf guy?) offers him chocolate, and Madame Pomfrey (I think) says “Thank Goodness we have a professor who understands the old magic.
Herbal Teas are magic, they can make you feel better, and chocolate is magic, it can make you feel better, music is magic, it can make you feel better,springtime is magic, with its promise of rebirth and warm breezes chasing the cold away, and sunrises are magic, and sunsets, too, but that’s a darker magic.
Everything in the whole world is magic, until you explain it, and then it’s science. But science is magic, too. Maybe science is the most amazing magic.


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