Save The Bees

Honeybees. We need them. It would be an ecological disaster if they became extinct. And we have the capability to make sure they don’t go extinct and it wouldn’t cost a damn thing. Just ban the pesticides which, (we know this, this is not speculation, they’ve tested it and it’s true) are the root cause of hive collapse syndrome. Voila. The Earth is saved.
But, makers of pesticides always have a politician or two on their payroll, and banning damaging pesticides and saving honeybees is not that high on their list of priorities.
But there are at least two solutions to any problem and saving the honeybees is only one of the ways in which this problem (the fertilization of the flowers and the continuation of life on Earth as wee know it, can be solved.
Some scientist are already working on drone bees. Of course, I prefer the natural kind and I think we’re treading on dangerous ground if we implement that solution (as oppose to, say, just banning the damned pesticides), but I can see certain advantage. No sting, for one. But, no honey. Which would suck.
Maybe we could genetically modify the bees, so that they still make honey but never sting.
Or, we could just ban the damned pesticides.

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