A Short Blog On Perspectives of Time

It’s Friday night, the weekend is under way, no train to catch tomorrow morning, no specific time I have to crawl out of bed, I will get eight hours and experience total rejuvenation, waking up somewhere in my 20s, and it was most definitely a spring day, I stood for a while by a pond in a park and watched the ducks and some weird water rodent, it’s not a muskrat, I’ve said that before and been corrected, not a Capybara, not the right part of the world, and not a beaver although something that looks like a smaller version of it but without the buck teeth, flat tail and possibly, engineering skill, but they did seem to have a tunnel network.
So, it is a moment of beginnings, one of those rare intersections of time and space, personal and historical history, when all that went before is sheered away from all that will be, but come to think of it, every moment is like that for somebody, somewhere in the world and, in a very abstract sense, every moment is like that for everybody, in every moment, but that’s O.K.
Love you all. Bonne Nuit.


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