March Alchemy

Just got back from Alchemy, my first Monday of every month poetry reading, and it was excellent. New location, again. I liked it because it’s in a basement, which reminds me off the old days at the Napa Bar, before they kicked us upstairs and killed the vibe. It means you’re disassociated from the public bar (there is, at Cafe Soda, a bar in the basement but it was quiet, more or less) where the poet on the stage is competing with private conversations at tables where nobody cares about poetry, even a little bit, or is perhaps even hostile to it.
It was a great evening crowdwise and performancewise, too. I went armed with two short, silly poems and one which I consider a work of great social and political import, as I believe it was Janis Joplin said. But, as the evening progressed, I realized that my poem wasn’t going to knock them out, I was going to be like the busker in the parking lot after a rock concert lets out, people have already heard louder and crazier that evening so there’s nothing you can do, or say, that’s going to top it.
Still, my silly poems got a good laugh and I do like the last one, all about transcendance, moving from one state of mind to another, and higher, it will go in a book at some point. So, that’s a win.
Saw some old friends, made some new ones. A great evening.


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