Vault 7

Well, it’s going to take some time to sort through all the information released by Wikileaks today, and lately I’ve been feeling a bit of the old information overload. Today I was actually watching animal videos and a 13 year old piano prodigy and stuff like that, because my mind is numb.
But, the gist of it seems to be that the CIA is at least as out of control as their worst detractors (I put myself in that category) have long suspected, and maybe worse.
Wasting huge amounts of money, spying on everybody, even American citizens (hell, why not Trump? There’s still no hard evidence of that that I’ve seen, but in view of the long list of shit, it would not be surprising), and spreading malware and viruses. When Facebook fucks up, maybe it’s not Facebook’s fault, eh?
I’m still short on details. I expect to revisit this subject in a day or two.
But my general view of the CIA is that expressed by Dustin Hoffman, in the role of Ben Stiller’s dad in “Meet the In-Laws II,” (not as funny as the first one but definitely plenty of laugh out loud moments) when he said to Robert de Niro “Tell me one thing the CIA has ever done that was a success,” and Robert de Niro (the retired CIA would-have-been-seen-as-a-horrible-monstrous-piece-of-shit-asshole-if-it-hadn’t-been-a-comedy guy) was left speechless, couldn’t come up with a thing.
Starting with the overthrow of Mossadegh in 1953, which destroyed Iran’s chances of becoming the nice, prosperous, liberal democracy it was on its way to being, through the assassination of Lumumba, which just added a few more years of bitterness and suffering before the Belgians were kicked out anyway, Viet Nam which we now know, know for a fact was based on a big lie, the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened, the overthrow of Allende in Chile, which did not improve matters for the average Chilean, and greatly worsened them for many, especially the thousands who died.
I’m not going to mention the Kennedy assassination or 9/11, as that would require presumption of guilt without proof, but I’ve got my suspicions. (whoops, guess I did mention them.)
If the CIA were disbanded, it’s loss would be a clear gain for all mankind, and its absence would not be noticed at all.

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