Boots on the Ground

So, while everybody was focused on his Twitter feed, President Donald J. Trump sent troops to Syria. Or maybe it’s a part of his ‘let the military do whatever they damn well please’ policy, you can’t be sure.
Nonetheless, a couple hundred troops have landed in Syria. I don’t think I’m even going out on a limb when I say that this will end badly.
They could achieve their objective, and then what? They haven’t been invited in by the Syrian government, or any group with enough influence to be taken seriously.
Their objective is ostensibly to retake an ISIS stronghold. But Assad is already at work on that. With Russian help. So, if we’re taking the same position as Assad, and Russia, why not just back off and let them deal with it?
What if, on their way to retaking this ISIS position, which might not be such a piece of cake, they wind up in a firefight with Syrian troops, or, worse, Russia.
What if this turns into a Viet Nam type situation? Mission creep was a thing in the 60s, now it’s the President.
There is one more reason I believe this will be a tragedy, it’s a disaster in the making, and it’s an even more important factor than the U.S. having a jackass for a leader. The reason that I think it will go wrong is: it always does


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