Industrial Writing

Not a very productive day at all, today. My plan was to get a poem written, but there was one tickling my mind, I knew I’d written down the idea for it, like the last two lines, weeks ago, but I went through all my papers looking and I did find that two line inspiration but still don’t know what I’ll do with it.
I guess my approach to writing poetry would seem un-poetic to most, like I should be forced to turn in my poet’s card, but I can justify it, I think. Whereas most people write what they are inspired to write, I’ve reached the point where I just start churning out words and hoping an idea will follow, which is sort of what I’m doing right now. With poetry, this means that I am now working it on an industrial level, with this blog, writing lots of snarky little 2 or 4 liners just in response to a Facebook thread (I don’t know if those are any good, they generally get ignored completely, if they don’t cauterize the thread immediately), and more than 1 poetry reading a month, but industrial level is fine by me, you come up with 1 line and then just juggle words until the right ones fall into place.
There’s usually almost an infinite number of balls.
Write a lot. Then you can afford to throw out the crap. Write a lot. You never can tell what other people will like. Write a lot. Give your ideas every chance to grow. Write a lot, and at least you’ll have a lot written.
I’m not saying that’s what I do do. It’s just what a writer should do so this is just written as much as advice to myself as anything.


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