The Solution to Sleazy Rich People and Politicians Not Paying Their Taxes

2005. Twelve years ago. And it’s supposed to be some kind of a big deal that we’ve got Trump’s tax returns for that year. In that one particular year, coincidentally, there was no blatantly fraudulent tax avoidance. Oh, there were some write-offs for ‘business losses’ and that’s often just a case of creative semantics, but everybody does that.
So, I wonder. Why that particular year, and why now? Of course, it could be that that’s the best that hard-working, plucky journalist Rachel Maddow (Yes, I’m being a bit sarcastic. I’m still pissed at her over Bernie)could come up with, so she went for it. I sure would like to know how she came by it. Of course, she’s not required to reveal her source, nor should she be. The same law that protects Julian Assange (Well, sort of. He is under house arrest)protects Rachel Maddow. Without confidentiality, journalism would be dead. I mean even deader than it is, which is already pretty darned dead.
But maybe she could give us a wee hint. Such as “It was somebody in the Trump campaign,” or “When I sat down to eat at my favorite restaurant, they were in an envelope under the plate and the waiter swears he didn’t see anybody.” That would actually add a bit to the story.
Here’s my solution to the whole thing: Automatic audits for anybody in Congress, all state Governors, cabinet members, the President, the Vice President, and anybody with a net worth over $50,000,000.
It makes sense. They audit a certain number of people every year, and why shouldn’t it be those who are not only most likely to bamboozle the federal government, but also those who have enough money to actually make auditing worthwhile, who get audited.
If you audit some guy who owns a garage in Wichita, you aren’t going to get much more out of him even after an audit. Whatever he didn’t pay in is not going to go a long way toward paying off the national debt.
With the rich and powerful, hell, yeah. A lot of money in extra tax revenue will be raised, and it will help keep them focused.


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