The ‘Spit it Out’ Poetry Series at A Maze in Tchaiovna

There was a poetry reading at “A Maze in Tchaiovna,” which is a totally weird name, it’s not quite like ‘The Unpronouncable Symbol Known to Represent Prince’ weird, but it’s weird. Great place, though, the door back into the room where the poetry is, where there’s a stage, and some couches, and some tables and chairs, and some loose chairs, and a piano, is disguised as a bookcase, although perhaps the word disguised is imprecise because when it’s closed, it’s a fully functioning section of the bookcase.
Further back beyond that, behind a couple more secret doors, they were having the Chess club. The front room, where the bar is, had a large group of people sitting around a table and making signs, in Czech, but it sounded, from the little I overheard while waiting for my pot of tea, like a Czech lesson for French speakers, which is cool, good to learn in a casual setting, and most of them were drinking – not tea, because this may be a teahouse but it is also the Czech Republic, and I am certain far more of it’s customers were supporting the National Drink.
I finished a poem this afternoon, which I thought was something special, all about Aristotelian Logic and the role of the individual in our complex society, and then I read two others from previous collections, ‘Say a Prayer for Robert Johnson’ and ‘Thus We Know the Ancient Gods.’ A couple of my personal favorites, but then I was upstaged by a girl playing ukelele and singing a song about how much she loves cheese, and I can tell you honestly that if you’re going to be upstaged at a poetry reading, it might as well be by something like that, because it definitely was a cute and fun song, filled with double entendre (oh, those single slices…) and just all around adorableness, and then the hostess (Kae Piller, the new, local poetry star of Prague) challenged us to read a poem on the subject of ‘getting lucky’ to which I responded by reading 3 short things which sort of alluded to the theme, and then she got up and read a wild, passionate poem which would have been pornographic in the hands of a male poet, seriously, a man would have fucked it up, but it was awesome.
All in all, a very good evening.

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