It was a pleasant enough day on the personal front. Didn’t get even half of the things on my to-do-this-weekend list done, but a couple of them were key. We went to watch Isabel in a dance competition, which was kind of an interesting thing. The last two times we’ve seen one, they were in theaters, with stages, and nice plush seats. This time it was in a gymnasium, and I mean that in the English language sense, i.e. a sports hall, no a High School. I wouldn’t say the acoustics were worse, but it did seem louder. It seemed much more chaotic, but a large part of that was because the groups who weren’t performing were still on the floor, with their wildly different costumes, milling about. Previous events were probably equally chaotic, but it was not as visible. The snack stand sold hot dogs, and was doing a brisk business.

In the news, Bernie Sanders is going to introduce a Medicare for all bill. Not fuckhead Chuck Schumer, or botox Nancy Pelosi. Bernie Sanders. A Democrat, Patrick Welch (also from Vermont) will introduce the bill in the House. It doesn’t have much chance of passing, I suppose, with a Republican controlled congress, but you never know…they could outflank the Democrats, say “Hey, this Sanders plan makes sense, this way we’ll eliminate Obamacare and suddenly we’ll be popular” but I’m not holding my breath.
Still, Bernie’s making the effort and it would be totally humiliating for Hillary Clinton if Sanders managed to get the plan she said he’d ‘never, ever’ pass, passed. That’s motive for the Republicans as well.

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