How will the world end? Well, there’s overpopulation and that might bring about an epidemic, or a cataclysmic nuclear war. There’s starvation, too,but that problem goes away inside of one growing season after percentage x (wherein x= just enough)of the population dies off, and we’re back to the old cycle.
There’s the possibility of a Gamma Ray Burst, which is scary as hell because scientists say we’d probably never even see it coming and it would wipe out all life on Earth instantly, so we wouldn’t even know if it was a gamma ray burst or the Vogons building an interstellar bypass, and that doesn’t seem fair at all.
There’s the possibility of a super-volcano, like Krakatoa or the one that wiped out ancient Crete or maybe Yellowstone. We could get hit by an asteroid, like the Chicxulub asteroid that messed up the dinosaurs so bad. Sure, we haven’t been hit by an asteroid that size for 65 million years but that just means it’s overdue and there’s no reason at all to think we’d fare better than the dinosaurs.
We could, I suppose, be invaded by evil aliens and slaughtered or eaten or sent to zoos on other planets like Billy Pilgrim and Montana Wildhack.
Up until about 5 minutes ago I thought that was the whole list. Then I read an article about methane concentrations that have been exposed due to them no longer being covered by ice year round, and they are starting to explode. There are thousands and thousand of the son of a bitches, all across Siberia and Canada. If they all blow (and there’s no reason to think they won’t, if some have), scientist say it will be the equivalent, as far as effect on the environment is concerned, of 12 years of automobile traffic. That will speed up global warming even more and the problem will continue to increase, spiraling out of control.
I don’t know the solution, but I suspect it may lie in the fact that methane is a gas – shouldn’t somebody be figuring out a way to harness, to harvest this resource?


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