Pratchett Job

Partly it’s due to Kindle and partly it’s due to it’s about damned time, but my reading habits have taken a hard turn to Terry Pratchett in the last couple of months. Oh, I’d read one or two before that, but now I can say I’ve read several, and that is a much more satisfying thing to say.
Also, it’s a good habit because he’s probably written like about 40 of the Discworld books (I’m not going to look it up – when I say ‘like about 40’ I mean ‘a rather large number’), so it will take me a while, a couple of years, to get through them all, even if I read nothing else and I don’t intend to go quite that hard core.
That would be like saying I just want to listen to Paul Simon over and over again or that I only want to watch films from the Coen Brothers or I want to eat only pizza for every meal for ever. This is like a Facebook survey that starts “If you had to choose just one…” Books, films, music, and food are not like women. You don’t have to choose just one.
I like the writing, of course, it’s always humorous and his metaphors are spot on, and his characters are funny, but extremely realistic in their shortcomings, but I really like the world. Ankh Morpork is even sleazier than Mos Eisley, there is an endless supply of quirky creatures, and I love the way that light moves slower when it encounters a heavy field of magic, like the one that covers that particular flat planet. I suspect it would be an entertaining place to live, despite the excessive probability of getting killed if you’re not a main character, or turned into a frog or some such shit.
I don’t understand how this series of books has not been turned into a TV series. Films are also an unexploited possibility.
The one I’m reading now is ‘Equal Rites’ about the little girl who wants to be a wizard and, of course, she’s ten times the wizard as any boy around but… So, it’s a feminist message and all but it’s more than that, the whole discussion of men’s magic vs. women’s magic opens a wedge and allows the exploration of the question ‘what is this magic stuff, anyway? And that is a very important discussion to have.


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