Day of Changes

Kind of a frantic, confused day but there were definitely some bright spots. First, I noticed pretty much as soon as I left the house that my phone was not charged, stupid phone, I need to charge it pretty much every night, but, never mind, I figured, it was not so long ago when we got through days, weeks, months, entire lifetimes without having a phone in our pockets and being linked to everybody else in existence 24/7.
Got a nice, albeit short poem written while on the Metro.
My gymnasium kids were all pretty good despite the fact that I had no lesson plan at all and just bullshitted my way through. Grabbed a cheeseburger and fries at everybody’s favorite American restaurant and headed for my monster kids’ class, did flashcards as always, it’s amazing the number of variations on that game I can come up with, and they all liked the phrase “Big Pig” because it rhymes and then the only boy in the class (they are 7 and 8) said “Big Dick Pig” and I told him not to say that and then I realized he had no idea what he’d said and I had to explain it to him, there’s no point wondering where he heard it in the first place, it’s all around them these days.
Then, I thought I was done. One student had suggested maybe meeting for a lesson this afternoon (not so much a lesson as help with a translation), but my phone was off so I figured ‘well, that’s not going to work out’ and just as well, but her husband was waiting for me at the bus stop and drove me back to his office and we worked there for an hour.
I was worried I’d get home after Helena and she’d be mad because it’s her birthday and we had plans to go out for a nice dinner and leave the kids at home, but I was home first after all and then she suggested taking the kids out and making it a family restaurant night and so we did.
That’s it, I’m done.


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