An Early Summer Walk in the Park

I went for a walk in the park this morning, I’d been sent to the store and decided to take a walk in the park along the way, also to smoke a joint, which is my definition of being considerate, not just taking it out on the balcony. It was a lovely day in the park. It seems like yesterday I was noticing the first little, hard, green buds (it’s a couple or three weeks) and today the trees in in full green dressing, the willows a lighter green but among the fullest. The sun was shining, kids were riding bicycles, there were a bunch of young people with a bottle of wine and they were singing, there were mothers with small babies, one old women with two short legged dogs, scolding them to hurry up, but not exactly under any great pressure.
It struck me (and it probably strikes me every time this year, but I don’t think I’ve thought about it much in previous years, or written it down,) but by the time Spring actually gets under way and you start to appreciate it for what it is, and not just the absence of winter, it’s already over and we’re in high summer.
I suppose it’s like that with a lot of things. When the Hippie movement went mainstream, it was no longer the Hippie movement, when all music was rock and roll then no music was rock and roll, and so on. Life itself is like that.
Enjoy the pleasant moments.


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