Dance Competition

Oh, man, am I glad this day is over. We went to Isabel’s dance competition, which can be entertaining for an hour or two,but this went on for about 10 bloody hours, plus an almost 2 hour drive each way, we left the house this morning at 7:30 and got back just after 10.
It was a lovely town, took a couple of walks, sat by the lake and watched the ducks, took a couple of selfies up at the castle, found a decent kebab place for lunch. But, in the end, we still spent hours and hours sitting, watching one dance group after another, and suffered through the din – don’t get me wrong, I admire their enthusiasm, and Isabel loved it, all the participants did (why they’re there), and it’s just me being a grumpy old man.
But din it was. The decibel count of hundreds of ten year old girls screaming at once is like a 747 warming up on the tarmac, or a construction site in full jackhammer mode. But higher pitched. For hours. And hours.
Each group had a kids team, a juniors team, an adult team (15+) and seniors (I don’t know what the age was, they weren’t like grandmothers or anything, but over 40 maybe. And every team was screaming like mad for everybody else in their group.
And there were more groups than there are grains of sand in an hourglass.
Oh, well. Next time I’ll take a book.


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