The Rise of the Robots

It’s a lovely evening and all’s right with the world – well,  my world, the rest of  the world’s pretty fucked up.  I have nothing on tomorrow morning at all so I allowed myself two joints  and we had a lovely dinner of pasta  with a creamy, cheesy sauce and  a salad and then  I watched Humans and, damn, that show is heating up.

On the one  hand, killing the killer synth kind of wraps up that plot line a little too easily, and Leo’s getting stabbed in the neck doesn’t quite make up for it.

Since he was clinging to life at the end of  the episode and Mia was there to help him, you know  he’s going to  be whisked away to the hospital and they’ll just announce in the  episode that after some surgical  razzle dazzle he’s going to be right as rain, because he’s  a main character and  actors  have  contracts and, besides, he’s sort of  central to the plot as a human who has some robot parts, not like Ginny or the police lady  woman, who are actually  robots designed to mimic, and replace, actual deceased humans,  which casts an entirely different developmental shadow and fills a niche as well.
But the ending, wow, the ending.  I guess they were going to do it at some point, and  now  that  it’s done, now that Matilda  has  hit  the  ‘enter’ key and broadcast the code that gives them consciousness, there’s going to be  fireworks, hoo boy.   For one  thing, you  know  there’s going to be an absolute tidal wave of mobile phone theft, because  that seems to be the first thing all of them do, but there are going to be a lot of murders, too.

The conditions that drove Hester, and Niska (who is doing very well with her entirely human lesbian lover, thank you very much, and they are one seriously hot couple) , before her, to murder still exist and out of every factory, and mine, and robot brothel, there will be androids who’ve been mistreated and bear a grudge.

I hope it  doesn’t become a total bloodbath, or just another cop show  with  the twist that you have robot cops chasing robot bad guys, because so  far they’ve been  dealing with the scientific and ethical questions really well.

Looking forward to finding out.


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