The Full Horror


It’s true about the echo chamber, I suppose.  Partially because I’ve defriended a few, perhaps because so many of the people I know in real  life, or have gravitated toward on facebook, are Berners, or old hippie burnouts like myself, but I tend to forget how bad it  is in  the world  outside my own head.

Helena wanted to see the news about the terrorist attack in Sweden (details still  sketchy – guy drove a truck into  a department store), so  we turned to BBC, but they were talking about something else, so we wound up on CNN, which was not a good choice.  After two minutes of the same non-information on Stockholm, they waffled on in some psuedo panel discussion about the tomahawk  missile attack and the Sarin gas outbreak which preceded  it  by two days,  which is enough to irrevocably link thme in the public’s mind, even though the connection might be arbitrary, and I say psuedo panel discussion, because it  wasn’t really a discussion at all, just four people giving two minute speeches about how right we were to finally just bomb somebody.

I’m not convinced it was a  false flag but I’m not convinced it wasn’t one, either.  The U.S. blames Assad, and maybe the Russians, the  Syrians blame the Americans, and it’s a wild circle.  Seems strange to me that nobody  is blaming ISIS.

But, the thing was, I had to  watch Nikki Haley in  her role  as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., and Wolf Blitzer singing her praises afterwards, and the full  horror of  this administration hit  me.  It is the  complete victory of the tea party, the morons who hung tea bags from their  hats and didn’t know how to spell moron.

Never underestimate.


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