Lazy Saturday

I’ve spent the day looking through the poems I’ve written over the last 9 months or so, to see if I’ve got enough for a book.  I’m certainly pretty darned close, and there was some good stuff in there that I’d pretty much forgotten about, so it was a very pleasant day.

Smoked a couple of joints, watched parts of a couple of movies, there was quite an intense one, semi-documentary style, at any rate based on real  events, about the high wire walker who walked a wire between the two towers of the World Trade Center, back in the 70s.  I enjoyed it, which is weird, because I get nervous even looking out of a window from a high floor.  Then there was one, a biopic I guess, of some woman who got rich inventing the modern mop.  I kept thinking the lead was Renee Zellweiger, except thinking they did something to make her eyes a little wider, but it wasn’t her, it was  Jennifer Lawrence.  Then the last half of that thing with Steve Carrell, where he’s got the hots for  his  brother’s fiancee.  Dan in Real Life.  That’s a great movie, but I’d seen it before.  Then the first half of an X-Men movie of which I’ve seen the last half.

It may all  seem trivial and hollow, but it meant I  wasn’t on Facebook all day, which is a minor victory.


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