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One aspect of the United Airlines debacle that doesn’t seem to be getting mentioned enough, so  I’m going to mention it right now, is that the flight was from Chicago to Louisville.  You can  drive it  in about 5 hours.

If the UA crew members needed to be in  Louisville the next day so bad, they could have driven down.


How can anybody screw up an Easter egg roll?  Seriously, the guy’s whole campaign was “I’m a businessman.”  He’s owned casinos, and resorts, and golf courses.  He’s never had  to organize an Easter egg hunt, or  some similar promotion?  No wonder his casinos all failed.  They probably didn’t bother with green beer on St. Patrick’s day, or giving a free drink to the ladies for Valentine’s Day, or doing a fireworks display for the 4th of July.  After a while, people just  forget you’re there.  Shit businessman is what he is.
Despite that, I would have thought that would be a Deep State kind of thing.  You know, like there’s some old guy who’s worked in the White House since Eisenhower who knows where to get the Christmas Tree, which turkeys deserve to be pardoned, that kind of stuff.  Because how can we expect Trump to rescue the economy and win WWIII if he has to think about how many plastic eggs to order?


The DNC is all bragging about how they ‘came close’ in Kansas, which is shameful in view of the fact that they didn’t back James Thompson at all, he got no funds from the National Committee, zero, they’d written the seat off.  Because he’s a Berniecrat.
That,  my dear friends on the DNC (he says, voice dripping with sarcasm), that is the reason he was close in the first place.

The DNC is making it clear that they prefer to lose seats rather than have people in the party who actually are progressive, and have popular opinions.


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