The Many Faces of Prague

The plan was to give him the local  tour, but it wound up being  a bit more than  that.  We started off at the local park, what I  call  Poetry Park because I’ve written so many there, and walked in front of the big, pink building and, which I have never done in all the years I lived here, read the information  on the tourist board.  That’s why it’s good to have tourists visit.  Then we walked over into  the wilds  across the river and some homeless people came out to shout at us, at least that’s what I  thought, but it turned out they were just looking for their dog.
Then I fired up a joint and then  we saw the ferry dock and I said ‘Hey, I’d like to check the schedule’ but I didn’t think they would have started yet for the year, but we stepped down and we could see the boat and then a family with small children arrived so I went back up the stairs to finish the joint and came back  down just as the ferry was pulling in and I had to hang on to the rope rail coming back  down because I  was  high like crazy, and we stepped onto the  boat and it wasn’t the local tour any more, but it  sure is a lovely view of Prague.

We stepped off in Prague 7, walked through the VietNamese market, then over  to Ouky Douky, which was the old Globe back in  the day when it was a trendy, fun, expat hangout and not the tourist trap in the center of town it is today.  Ouky Douky looks pretty much exactly as it did then, but now it is just a Czech sandwich  and coffee shop, which it does quite well as, I think.

After that, we went looking for his old flat, and sort of find out.  He’s pretty  sure we got the street right, anyway.  Then we walked through Letna park  and took in the views from the beer garden and the metronome (which isn’t moving.  How long has that been the  case?) and then wound our way down the hill and walked back across the river  before catching a tram home.

It’s great hosting visitors in Prague, because every single time you see  a different aspect of the city, and it’s an amazing city like that, where the points of view are fragmented, as if through the prisms of a million different eyes.


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