Karlstein Revisited

We took a trip to Karlstein today, something that everyone who lives in Prague should do every couple of years or so, but we weren’t there so much for the castle, though we did walk through it on  our way back.

No, we were on our way to Maly Amerika, little America, which is an old quarry (I believe Velky Amerika-(big America-) is an active quarry).  We got well lost, wandered pointlessly through a forest and across a broad meadow just to try to  figure out where we were, friend Dave was all into the GPS and spent a good deal  of the walk looking at his phone, I was more into guessing blindly and not worrying about it too much, we wound up turning around in the lovely, little village of Mořina (with their very unfriendly dogs who, fortunately, remained behind their well built fences) and eventually asked somebody  directions.  I didn’t actually understand any of it, her Czech was too fast, but there were lots of hand gestures and basically it was ‘keep going straight.’

It was a great day for it, very cool for April, a bit of a light breeze and occasional sprinkles, but it  didn’t really come down  until we were in a restaurant afterwards.

It’s a beautiful spot, if a bit vertigo inducing – O.K., very vertigo inducing, but that’s just me.  Plenty of people were stepping right up to the edge to get a better picture.  I don’t get that, it’s like everybody is lacking a basic, necessary to survival, fear, which you would think would be evolutionarily bred into all of us.

Sort of how Helena feels about snakes.



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