Easter was never my favorite holiday.  To Christians, it’s important.  To everybody else, it’s something about rabbits and eggs, and hard boiled is my least favorite way to  eat eggs, and I can have chocolate any day of the year.

Of course, Czech Easter traditions are even weirder, what with the  whip and all, but the Easter trees are sort of pretty.

Anyway, a couple of political thoughts on  this day, since everything is political, like it or not:  the Easter Egg roll was not nearly as  big a disaster for Trump as it could have been.  So what if he didn’t order enough eggs or have anywhere near as many people  walking around inn stuffed animal suits as Obama?  The only thing that’s important (for a politician) is for the press to get lots of pictures of people standing around and  cheering his speech, and the press has become very adept at doing that even if it’s a small crowd.

The incident of him having to be prodded by Melania to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem does more to make her look good than him look bad, and Barron standing up on the balcony looking bored as fuck doesn’t actually surprise anybody.  Signing a kid’s cap and then heaving it into the crowd was a dick move, but I don’t expect any uproar.  The kid was a Trump supporter, which means his parents are just as big dicks as Trump his.
So, tomorrow we’ll be back to real issues.

Then, there is a Facebook friend of mine, who I haven’t unfriended because a) I like having a few friends who are  more radically left than me to make me seem moderate, and b) because sometimes he’s right and c) because sometimes he’s funny, even though he’s kind of  an asshole who goes out  of his way to offend people and then pretends to be offended at their  offense.

Like Easter, he goes all out on  what a bullshit holiday it is, how  Christians plagiarized it from all the old  village religions, where people would eat a breakfast of eggs and rabbit, and then go out into the tall meadow to have sex.  Except Christians leave out the part about outdoor sex.

He’s got a point, I’m sure he’s factually  correct, but he’s just doing it to piss people off.  In his defense, he does prove that a lot of them can’t take a  joke, and that’s an important point to make.
So, here’s the deal, the  way I see  it.   You want to celebrate Christmas and Easter as Christian holidays?  Fine.   Knock yourself  out.  Have a good time in church.  But the rest of  us would rather  just sing songs about  reindeer, eat, drink and give presents.

We won’t give you any shit, you don’t give us any  shit.  Because you don’t actually own the days of the year.  You just don’t.


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