Just Another Parking Lot

Hard to write with all the noise,

a flat full of screaming 14 year old boys.


Not really that extreme, two of Sam’s friends from the football  team (they lost today, 0-2) are spending the night, so of course  they are playing sports on x-box.  It’s hockey, so  I  guess that  counts as doing something not football, but not much.

Still dreary weather, off and on rain, I went for a walk earlier today just to smoke a joint outside, into the wild area between us and the river, and had to go all  the way back, to where the trees start, because otherwise it was too windy to get started.

There was a large rectangle of leveled dirt, big enough for a building and, as it’s that section of ground, that part of  town, where they seem to be putting up one new, modern  building every couple of  years, marching inexorably upriver in what  seems to be a 50 year plan or something, I immediately began speculating, but then I realized that it’s probably destined to be a parking lot, although there’s no road there yet, there’s a putting green right around the corner, and a boat tie-up right there, which had some big disco boat berthed there last time I looked, so a parking lot would make sense.  Oh, well, that’s progress.

What beautiful thing will they build in this spot?
Oh, fuck, it’s a parking lot

Still, the dreary weather.  This is a bizarre thing, it’s been more than a week now of seriously close to winter temperatures, I think if you get out of Prague they’ve actually had some snow.  It’s sort of  like an Indian Summer, (or Grandmother’s Summer, as they say  here), but in reverse.

Again, oh well.  It has to end soon, that is a law of nature, and then all  will be well.


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