Who is Blocking Medicare for All (Hint: It’s not just the Republicans)

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the Democratic party, as it is currently constituted, is not interested in representing working class and poor people.  It’s also  becoming clearer and clearer that people are sick  of their shit.
It’s a dilemma.  Something’s got to give and they – with lots of money and a lifetime habit of power, which  is more addictive than cocaine – do not intend for it to be them.

A few days back, on the badly misnamed ‘unity tour’ someone asked Tom Perez if he was on board  with Bernie Sanders medicare for all plan.  He waffled on for about 5 minutes, about how Democrats believed  in health care and wanted the best plan and blah blah blah, but that was clearly the wrong  answer.  The correct answer (if they were interested in unity, or if they were interested in helping working  class and poor people, would  have been yes.

Dianne Fienstein came out today  and said she’s not in favor of medicare for all, either.  So, it is becoming clearer and  clearer that the reason the U.S. does not yet have universal health care (remember back when we called it  socialized medicine?) is not  just that Republicans are against it.  A lot of Democrats are, too.

So, we are at loggerheads.  It is  a dilemma.  The Hillary people want the Bernie people out of the party, and the feeling is mutual.  Do we Demexit and hope we can build a viable third party, or do we Dementer, to try and change the party from within?
If I  lived in the U.S., I’d be changing my registration every week or so, just to fuck with ’em.

On a different topic:  People call me a conspiracy theorist, but  there is something odd as hell about New York and San Francisco both having power outages at the  SAME TIME.  I’m  not blaming Deep State, or the Russians, or  the Rothschilds, or  the Illuminati, or the CIA, or the power companies (probably on  the short list, though), or the FBI, or Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump.  I’m just saying it’s weird and there’s no natural explanation for it, what with the two cities  being very  far  apart, and there being large numbers of  electronic  grids in between them which were functioning normally at the time.  Which leaves two possible  explanations: a real stretcher of a coincidence, or  human intervention.  My money (figure of speech) is on human intervention.


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