Setting the Conditions

The great debate at the moment, among Berniecrats (which is the main debate I pay attention to, this is the echo chamber I have chosen, which makes sense because there are no people  I  trust more than people who agree  with  me) is should Bernie run again  as a Democrat or should he go third party.

Of course, Bernie might decide not  to run again, to throw his weight behind a younger, rising star. (yes, of course I’m talking about Tulsi Gabbard – who else?)  Nonetheless, the issue would still remain.  To try  to reform the Democratic party from within, as women try to reform their abusive, alcoholic boyfriends, or to go for the gusto and run 3rd party.

I see an argument for both sides.  On the one side, the Democrats have made it abundantly clear that they would rather eat broken glass than revert to  being the progressive party they once were.  On the other, Bernie has some (i.e. a great deal) of experience at running 3rd party – and losing.  His career only took off when he ditched the socialist label and ran for mayor of Burlington as an independent.
Here’s what I think he should do:  set some conditions.

1. a million party members, pledged or actually registered by June 1st.  That part should be a piece of cake.  Put the word out on the internet and they’re there.

2.  a party platform, including green jobs (my personal favorite), money out of politics, tax reform (make the rich fuckers pay their share), free college, medicare for all, and  maybe marijuana legalization (another of my personal  favorites) and abortion rights, (I consider that an issue of  far less importance than it  is afforded in public discourse, but I know  a lot of  women consider it a litmus test).  This would be the easiest of  all to accomplish, since  it’s basically his  standard speech.

3.  A name.  This could be put up to a poll of party members.  Or Bernie could decide, because a popular vote might result in something like ‘Party McPartyface.’

4.  This  one is  key, and might be the hardest.  Congressional candidates  in all 435 districts, in time for the 2018 elections. I’d set a deadline of, say, January 1st, 2018.  Maybe a bit later, since it’s not a presidential  election year.

That’s about it.  Achievable, and once achieved, it would put a viable – key word, viable – new party in place.  The Democratic party  would wither  on the vine, with their membership either defecting to the Republicans or to the new party.

Even if it was a 50/50 split (and I don’t think it would  be) the new party would be in a good position, because Bernie’s policies are good policies, and will appeal to independents.

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