Two Things at Once

The big meme going around Facebook today is, of course, the ‘name ten bands you’ve seen but make one of them a lie’ meme, which is proof positive of the normalization of the Trump presidency.  Sure, his daughter is getting backhanders from China, sure he spent some ridiculous amount of money to drop one bomb on Afghanistan, destroying an old CIA construction and a handful of alleged (seriously alleged, since you can’t believe anything the government tells you) terrorists at a price of several million dollars each, sure he signed a bill saying it’s O.K. to kill Mama wolves and bears in their dens, along with their little cubbies, while they are sleeping, which is just about the most unsportsmanlike thing ever, sure he’s making a personal profit every time he vacations at Mar a Lago, sure he’s preparing to sell of the National Parks to the highest bidder, but he’s not going to be impeached, or even forced to show his tax returns, because the Democrats are giant weenies, so there is no real news.

People can pay attention to one thing or another, but not both, which Archimedes proved when he laid down in his bath and suddenly realized he’d much rather be running naked through the streets of Athens shouting ‘Eureka!,’ which he did, because you can’t be in two places at once, two things cannot  be in one place at once, and it really feels quite nice to do that kind of thing in Athens, most days of the year.

I’m not knocking the 10 bands meme.  People are burned out, and need a break.  It is, however, a sign that we are doomed.  O.K., I guess I’m knocking it a little bit.


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