Job Creation

A while ago I saw a thing on Facebook, can’t find it right now  to post the link and want to get to bed soon, but you know the kind of thing I’m talking about; a brick laying robot, that could work faster than any  human, not take any brakes, and set every brick perfectly.  In addition, the bricks were interconnecting, like Lego blocks, so a house  could go up real quick and be solid enough to withstand a  hurricane, or whatever you get in your neck of  the woods.

Naturally, in the comments section there were many people bemoaning the fact that this is going to put bricklayers out of business.  Wet blankets and Neo-Luddite simpletons, in my book.

Sure, bricklayers might follow chimney sweeps and elevator operators into the land of jobs that used to exist, along with long distance truck drivers whenf driverless  vehicles become standard, but that’s O.K.  There really is no shortage of  jobs  that could  be created.  Here are a few:

  1.  I’m not a huge fanatic of organic food, to tell you  the truth, I  buy whatever is in the supermarket and don’t ask too many questions, but if all food HAD to be organic it would not only create a heck of a lot of jobs (organic agriculture is WAY more labor intensive), but it would be nice for the honeybees, and the water supply, as well.
  2.   Another area  where I  am an  imperfect  environmentalist is recycling.  Oh, I separate paper and plastic.  and glass.  and drink cartons.  But that’s it, because that’s all there’s bins for.  I don’t separate out the metal, or the organic, which is probably a lot.  Anyway, the whole  thing seems to be futile if 100% of all people aren’t recycling, and I’d be  surprised  if it’s even  50%.  So, set up recycling  centers everywhere, make that quite simply the way all garbage  is disposed of, and there are several benefits.  You could  hire all  of the homeless people at the sorting centers, some of them go through  the bins as it is, so that could be more efficient for them and less of an  eyesore for everybody else, plus it would  pump a lot of previously unclaimed natural resources right back into  the economy.
  3. You know where they need to hire more people?  Schools, that’s where.  Probably 90% of schools that are real schools could hire about  twice as many teachers as they’ve got now.   If you get those  class sizes down to a reasonable level, some kids might actually  learn something.  So, jobs + education means  a more educated (and hopefully less criminal) work force for the  future.  win/win/win

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