Actually, I quite like Čaroděnice.  In complete contrast to Easter, I like the symbolism of it.  You have a big fire, burn an effigy of a witch (I suppose the origin may have been a bit more horrific), and that’s supposed to burn away all the nastiness of the last year.  It’s an end of winter, beginning of a new life type of holiday.  Something like Beltane and a whole lot like Walpurgisnacht.

However, we wound up not going out to  any of the events in any of the parks.  Sam is staying over at a friend’s house (who’s been  sleeping here plenty lately, so fair enough) and Helena was burned out with driving around.   She took Isabel to her dance competition this morning, came back, made lunch, and then we went back in the afternoon. We got there a bit late and I just saw the last few seconds of Isabel’s routine as H was looking for a parking space, so 200 crowns each for tickets and we watched a couple of acts, went out to kill time at the mall and returned in time to see one or two more acts before the awards ceremony at the end.

So, on the way  home she said she really wasn’t interested in going out for it, and Isabel was quite happy with  her compromise offer, which was just to grill  some sausages on the barbecue on the balcony (which is actually a lot easier than jockeying for space around a fire with hundreds of strangers).  We decided to  make a little, paper witch and burn that.  Isabel is very good with creative stuff like that.

It worked out quite well, it did.


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