Day of Love

I just got home from my poetry reading, the Alchemy  series, which has changed  leaders once again, but a step back may be  a  step  forward, as Ken is doing it again.  It was a pretty  good night. The featured speaker was someone who used to be  a  regular, like 15 or so years ago, and it was real  nice  to see her  again.  There was a girl who played guitar and sang, a British guy, white haired, beer-bellied, who read a couple of  funny poems, one just about the church across the  street from his house (there seemed to be a couple of themes for the  evening.  Catholicism was one and Lucky Strike cigarettes the other.  Honestly, two separate poets referenced that specific brand.  What are the chances?

It was the end to a lovely day.   Like yesterday, today  was a holiday lightly observed.  No, it’s not Labor Day, that’s an American thing (and  certainly not “Loyalty Day,” that sounds like something they’d do in North Korea.  Of course, it’s also the old communist worker’s day holiday, but there just aren’t that  many old communists around any more, so nobody pays any attention to that.

No, there is an older Czech custom, that if you get a kiss underneath a cherry tree in Petřin park, your love life will be fine for the rest of the year.  If not, not so much.
Well, first, Helena said O.K. but we really  don’t need to go to Petřin, that’s not a requirement, so we went for a bicycle ride.  Isabel came along.
It was quite a pleasant bike ride, although it taught me that I am well  out of shape and need to do  things like that more often, and we had a real hard time finding a cherry tree.  They’re all over the  damned place in Prague until you’re looking for one.  So, she said ‘It doesn’t really have to be a cherry tree, any flowering tree will do, so we  kissed by a lilac bush, and on a bench under some other  tree, don’t know what it was.  Then, on the way back, we finally found a cherry tree.  It was behind a chain link fence, inside a school  yard, so we stood as close as we could, near the rubbish bins, and consummated the holiday.  I felt quite relieved about that.


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