The Unbearable Comic Appeal of Jeff Sessions

So, a woman was arrested for laughing at Jeff Sessions, which is not only an egregious violation of freedom of speech (if she was being disruptive, they could have asked her to leave – it still  would have  been  bad, but not as), but it demands that people do something that is actually difficult to do.  How can anybody not laugh at Jeff Sessions?

He looks (and thinks) a lot like  the Henry Gibson character in The Blues Brothers, wants to escalate the War on Drugs and relegalize discrimination, two positions that might be held by Dr. Doofenschmirz or Boris and Natasha, they are  so comically evil.

Getting arrested for laughing at Jeff Sessions is like getting arrested for sneezing.  There are some things a body just can’t help.

In Czech news, the government has resigned.  It’s a parliamentary system, so  I guess a new coalition will be formed.  Things aren’t going to grind to a halt.  Most people aren’t even talking about it much.  Governments change pretty often  here.  Everybody  goes to  work, just the same.  Nobody’s suggesting taking away our health care or ratcheting up the war on drugs, or anything stupid like that.  It’s not the U.S.



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