Trump and the Civil War

It was bad enough not being aware that his ‘good friend’ Pavarotti has  been dead for 10 years. Hey, people are dying all  the time and if you’re not following the news closely, you can miss stuff like that.

But now everybody’s up in arms at his comments over the Civil War and Andrew Jackson, which indicate that he probably flunked 5th grade history and hasn’t learned anything since then.
I’m going to defend him here, sort of.  Just sort of, of course, because  he really is an unbelievably ignorant man.
Sure, the hero of New  Orleans was  long in his grave by the time the Civil  War began, a fact that  Donald Trump seems to be ignorant of, but tensions between the North and the South were already a thing by the 1830s, when Jackson was president.  In fact, they were already in play at the time of the revolution, which helps to explain why we have the electoral college.  The South has never trusted the North.

Then, there was  the comment, and I paraphrase because I  don’t want to flip screens  again to look it up:  “Why was the  Civil War?  Why couldn’t all that have been avoided?”
In fairness, he’s not the first person to ask that question.  Sure, if we hadn’t had a war, slavery would have continued, probably for decades more, but hundreds of  thousands of people who died would have lived.  So, would  avoiding it have been a good thing?  Hard to say.

But, it could have been avoided.  Slavery was a great evil but there were plenty of people, even in the North, who weren’t too  fussed.  Sure, Lincoln was a Republican, the leader of the anti-slavery party, but  he was hardly the most radical person in that party, and he would have gladly avoided the war.  So, yes, it could have been avoided.  Right up to the point when the South attacked Fort Sumter.

This is the  part that Southerners, who wave the Stars and Bars  and talk about heritage and how Lincoln invaded the South, tend to leave out.  They started the war.  They asked for it.  They insisted  on it.
And the descendants of the racist assholes who started that war are the same people  who support Donald Trump.
So, it’s possible we would have been better off just letting them go in 1861.  But, that really wasn’t an option.  They saw to that.

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