An Advantage of Written Communication

I hate the term ‘mansplaining.’  I have often been accused of it, specifically by Hillary supporters who can’t win an argument legitimately, but in other cases as well.  I don’t see how I can avoid it.  I am a man.  If I say, or write something that is intended to impart information, or advance my view of the world, then I am explaining something and, merely due to the fact  that I am male, it is defined as mansplaining, which is apparently a bad thing.

I suppose it cuts both ways.  If a woman is explaining something to a man, some might call it emasculating, and sometimes it is.  Tone of voice is important, and tone of voice is heavily influenced by intent, and some women are bitches and some men are assholes.  I don’t have exact stats on  the breakdown, but it is inevitable.

Today, just a few minutes ago in fact, I learned a new word.  ‘Manterrupting.’  Now, I  hate being interrupted.  It is a pet peeve of mine.  I would be happy if all human conversation was moderated with gongs and buzzers and everybody was forced to raise their hand and be called  on before speaking (not really, that would be horribly restrictive, but I feel like that sometimes).  I’m not sure if it’s just that nobody takes me seriously (Seriously, nobody takes me seriously)  or if, actually, everybody feels  that  way. I suspect the latter.
I suppose it’s conceivably true that it happens to women more than men.  There have been studies.  And, I’m not a woman, so I really wouldn’t know.

But, everybody gets interrupted,everybody gets interrupted a lot, because everybody wants to talk all the time and nobody wants to listen. That’s one reason I like social media so much. At least while I’m typing, I’m not being interrupted. Once you post, your whole thought is out there at once. People can still ignore you, or not take you seriously, or say you’re an asshole (I get that one a lot) but they can’t interrupt you. Therefore, it is a superior method of communication.

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