Distraction and Confusion

Two stories today, and all sorts of people are saying one is just a distraction from the other, but which is a distraction from which is more a sign of which side you’re on.  Two things to remember:  A. All the facts aren’t in yet, and B. It’s entirely possible that both stories are true.  Just because Trump gave secrets to the Russians doesn’t mean Seth Rich wasn’t murdered by the DNC.

Both stories are bizarre.  President Trump met with a bunch of Russians, including the Russian  ambassador, at the White House.  The press was not invited.  The American press, that is.   The Russian press was there.  Right there, it’s weird and possibly treasonous.  Then, they say that Trump gave secrets to the Russians during this secret meeting, and I wonder how anyone could possibly know that, but then Trump tweets about it and says “Of course I’m allowed to share secrets with the Russians.”  So, it’s real.

Then, and this is the hard part for me to grasp, the Russians make no secret of any of  it, Russian media is all  over it, and I wonder why they would do that.  This is not thinking long term, this is not chess, and Russians are good at chess.

If I was Putin, I’d have  wanted the whole meeting handled as hush-hush as possible, to keep that spigot of high value information open.  So, why didn’t they?

My guess is that they are perfectly  aware that they are dealing with an imbecile, somebody who’s got the emotional development of a 6 year old and the IQ of a peanut.  They are having a good laugh about it, and feel that the laugh is worth more than any crap info they are likely to get from us in future.

On the Seth Rich story, a private investigator says he’s got proof that Rich (a DNC insider) had contacted Wikileaks and given them over 40,000 emails before he was murdered.  Boom.  The DNC had motive, and this  story  about  how it was just your  ordinary, everyday mugging in which they shot  him dead and didn’t take anything, doesn’t sound so plausible any more.  I am one who  has always believed Seth Rich (and John Ashe) were murdered, so this is preaching to the choir for me, but it’s early days yet and we don’t know what’s happening for sure yet.

On the good news front, Chelsea Manning is getting out of jail tomorrow.


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