Sweden has dropped the rape investigation against Julian Assange, which is great, and it comes one day after Chelsea Manning’s release from prison.  That could be a good sign, perhaps the tide is turning, but I see no  corroborating evidence for that and suspect is’ probably just coincidence.

Because, in fact, Julian Assange is not out of the woods  yet.  British authorities still say they’ll arrest him, for missing a court date back in 2012.  That is bad law.  I think it might even violate the Magna Charta, which says (and I paraphrase) ‘You can’t just arrest somebody because you fucking feel like it, you  have to have an actual reason.’

The original reason is gone, perhaps because it was a weak case.  Here’s the facts as I  understood them at the time: After a nice, normal date Assange and the lady in question had hot, sweaty consensual sex.  After she’d fallen asleep, he was still raring to go, so he went ahead and did.  She woke up in the middle, but allowed him to finish.  She was a bit miffed, especially that he hadn’t used a condom, but she was still going to continue to date him, which is kind of the opposite of  filing charges against him, until she found out he was shtooping her best friend, too.

So, he hasn’t (as of now) been charged with anything by anybody but the Brits will arrest him on  sight if he leaves the Ecuadoran embassy, and there’s no doubt in my mind that that embassy is being watched every second of the day.  That’s just being mean.  How would it  hurt Britain, anyway, if Assange were to come out of that embassy, uncufffed and  of his own volition, and have a quick look around London?

It would not, unless he’s  got some dirt on the British, but British police just want to keep him confined.  We tend to think of British cops as affable, perhaps somewhat overweight, people, who serve their community and know everybody in the village by first name.  But, do not forgot, this is the same lot who had the scientist, David Kelly, murdered.


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