News Day

A day of news, some good, some bad, like every  other  day, in that way, I suppose.

The Czechs lost to the Russians in the first game of the final eight, so no world hockey championship for us this year.   I’m not too upset.  That’s still better than nearly 200 other countries in the world.

A bad driver plowed into a crowd on Times Square, killing one and injuring a whole bunch.  Everybody’s glad there weren’t more deaths, and nobody’s calling it terrorism and everybody’s real relieved about that, but sucks for the dead guy, I’m sure.

A musician, Chris Cornell, with whose work  I was unfamiliar but apparently he meant a lot to a lot of people, committed suicide at the age of 52.  I don’t know what made him do that.  Damned shame, though.  I guess tremendous talent, success, fame and, presumably, money are not enough.  It’s an eternal truth but it still surprises me.

On the brighter side, Fox News founder and all  around evil fuck Roger Ailes is dead, at the age of 77, so that’s good.

But, most of the talk today  is about impeachment, and that is music to my ears.  First, because I’d like to get rid of Trump.  Secondly, because I  think it’s important that the tool of impeachment gets invoked.  It was written into the constitution and it is a great idea.   Those founding fathers were pretty smart guys, providing a solution for all future problems.  “O.K., people of , say, for instance, 2017, so you’ve  got a president who’s a moron and a raving head case, nuttier than King George.  Here’s how you get rid of him.”  Amazing foresight, but it’s a rusty tool which we’ve never been able to get to work, until now.  I’m hoping that now is the time.
One great thing about an impeachment is the investigation, which is the phase we’re in now.  Expect revelation after revelation, and witnesses plea bargaining like crazy.  I’m hoping they bring his taxes into it, and that he winds up doing jail time, and losing all his money, because that would give me a nice, warm feeling of schadenfreude, even more than Roger Ailes dying.
Sleep well, everybody.  Tomorrow’s a brand  new  day.


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