Make it Big, Make it Wide

O.K., here’s the situation, at least there’s going to be an investigation.

But, there are investigations and there are investigations.  There are investigations that get to the point and find what they are intended to find.  I think most disaster investigations fall into this category.  Most.  I remember that time an Egypt Air jet went into the ocean and it was clearly pilot suicide but the report didn’t say that because they didn’t want to offend Muslims because apparently suicide is a bad thing, but that’s nonsense, because it’s a bad thing in all religions but it still happens.  I think some police investigations might fall  into this category, but nowhere near the percentage that television implies.

Then, there are investigations which try their damnedest to either find nothing, or to find some easily believable conclusion, no  matter how true.  I think the Warren Commission and the 9/11 investigation fall into  this category.

Then, there are the investigations which wander all over the place, digging up dirt like a drunken farmer taking the old tractor out for a joyride.  Those are fun.  You find out all  sorts of interesting stuff about the uses of cigars, porn film titles, and secret code names.

As far as any investigations in Trump, I favor type 3.  Make it as wide ranging as possible.  Don’t limit it to Trump.  Find out everybody who’s had contacts with Russians, and why.  If Trump doesn’t have a tape of him being peed on by Russian hookers, maybe some other Republican does.  Maybe there are some Democrats  in the mix.   That would be cool.  Let’s make this a bi-partisan witch hunt.

And there’s no reason it should be exclusively about Russia.  Find out about those deals he made in Saudi, look into Ivanka’s little agreements with the Chinese, do a full  accounting of how much U.S. taxpayer money was spent on those weekends at Mar -a – Lago, subpoena his damned tax  returns.

And if it spills over into Democratic corruption as well, that would be icing on the cake.  Let the whole damned House of Cards come tumbling down.


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