Thoughts on AI

I sometimes take those stupid Facebook personality quizzes ,  although they are  pointless and stupid and meaningless.  I get sucked in by the headline, or maybe I’m just bored and looking to get sucked in by something, so I click, yeah, sure, what country should I be living in? (I got France.  Not bad.  I like France.) and then it’s over and you realize you know nothing more about your true personality  than you did before because, after all, you are you  so how can you expect a total stranger (not even a human  one at that) to tell  you who you are.
I took two  today.  Just a second ago, “We can guess your age and what state you’re from based on your vocabulary on Facebook.”  They said I was 56 and am from Hawaii.  So, they’re more interested in flattery than  accuracy.  Any Tarot reader can tell you that’s a safe bet.  For the other you had to actually answer some questions, and they tried to guess where you  were from based on the words you used  and how you pronounced things.  They told me I’m from the Buffalo-Rochester area which is, like Hawaii, somewhere I’ve never lived and hardly ever been to.

So, their tests are inaccurate but the thing that bothers me is I suspect they COULD BE,  and they’re holding back.  Which brings me to my second AI comment this  evening.

Just finished watching Ex Machina, which I thought was pretty brilliant but couldn’t get anybody else in the family to watch it for even 10 minutes.  Yeah, it was mostly dialogue, but dialogue with a seriously  threatening psychopath is compelling.  Also, I thought  they went into a bit of depth about what AI could be (loved the girl  in  the black and white room  analogy – a Plato’s Cave parable for the information age) and I like that.  Most sci-fi is very condescending, but this was not.
And, it didn’t hurt that the robots were sexy as hell.


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