June Alchemy

The Alchemy poetry reading for June was not bad.  It was in a new place, which was a sparse, second story space, reminiscent of a cleared out attic or  abandoned warehouse.  Interesting, and very Prague.  There are interior courtyard spaces everywhere you go, completely unnoticeable from the street, and that’s what this was.  Right in the heart of Prague 1, less than 60 seconds by foot from Powder Gate, a little passage I’ve passed by a million times and never even suspected was there, and there are these buildings all around it, mostly empty.

Apparently, it’s owned by the city of Prague, but they’ve turned it over to Charles University, which is going to be using it for various artistic functions, like ours.

There were only about a dozen people there, maybe 15 at peak, but 5 read, in addition to the feature, and it was fine.  The feature was a British lady, with some nice stuff, she talked about a spooky, old cottage deep in the English countryside, and expats in Hong Kong, and a cheese room in a posh restaurant.  She seemed to have sort of a theme of ‘rooms’ going on.  I liked her, better than I like most non-rhyming poets.

The announcements section added one more poetry reading to my upcoming events list.  This Thursday is a magazine launch and now there’s a poetry reading at the Tchaiovna, the Spit it Out event, so I’ll have to  get something written for that.

It’s kind of encouraging that so much is going on, but there is a flaw.  There are several different English language poetry groups going on in Prague, and they don’t all attract the same people, but for any of them, any number of spectators over 30  or so would be considered a raging success.

I wish  we could bring them all together.  Once, just once,, I’d like to be able to read something in front of hundreds of people.


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