Lazy Weekend

It seems like just yesterday it was Friday.  Well, it was just the day before yesterday, but what I  mean to say  is that the weekend has  flown by and no significant goals were accomplished, which is about par for the course.

I’ve got a poetry reading on for tomorrow, and I’ve got slim pickings.  One short political poem which isn’t that good, one that’s sort of half  formed and I hope I’m not forcing it, and kind of a half-assed idea  and a couple of stanzas on one more.  Ah, well, I am doomed to being one of those people who alternates rapidly between procrastination and cramming.  It’s a stressful way to work, but it’s the M.O. I know.

Finally managed to drag the family out to the Agricultural Museum, to get our money’s worth out of the free family pass I  got a few weeks back.  It was a nice, morning outing.  We stopped for breakfast at Baguetteria, and it was actually  not a bad deal at all.  Had a nice ham and egg sandwich for 59kc.  We sat outdoors, it was after a rain so the air was nice and clear, but the seats and tables were dray, and we watched the people going by.

The museum is misnamed, it should be the Fish and Wildlife museum.  It wasn’t bad.  They had a couple of old tractors out front, and some goats and chickents, but inside it was mostly fish.  I think a couple of sections were closed for renovation.

Then we took Sam to the bus, he’s headed off on a school trip  to England for a week.


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