Old Man vs. Social Media

I  use Facebook all  the  damned time but I  don’t really understand how it works.  The world is like that.  I use a mobile phone, but I  don’t understand how that works.  I use money, but economics makes no damned sense to me at all.

So, I guess it’s my problem.  Whatever.  I’m sure they could simplify things if  they wanted to.  If I was Mark Zuckerberg, I’d call in some my top geniuses and say “Here’s what we need to do.  As a public relations thing, we’re going to donate a bunch of computers to schools for the mentally handicapped.  But, before we do that, we need  to make sure they can operate them.  So, I want you to simplify everything, make it so even the biggest moron in the place (and remember, some of these people  can’t dress themselves) can  use it easily.

Then, when they had accomplished that goal, I would market the finished product to the general public.  Geezers  like  me would lap it up.

My beef right now, the thing that triggered this, is that I just wrote a clever , little poem (little is no exaggeration, a mere 4 liner) and posted it on Facebook.  Not without difficulties, I might add.  First, the “what’s on your mind” box disappeared and I had to go  out of Facebook and then back in.

Then, it broke up the lines badly, making it 6 lines instead of 4.  I  didn’t like that, didn’t think the lines were that long  at all, but decided to go with it and break them up a bit more, so there wouldn’t be a line  which  was one  dangling word, but at that point my color box option disappeared, and, even though I know that everybody  mocks that box, I wanted it.

Finally got it up and posted, but then it disappeared from the main screen right away.  It was on my timeline, but wouldn’t put it on the front page.  I  considered reposting, but one person  had liked it already, so I knew it was visible.

Basically, I have no idea who can see what, and I want everybody to be able to see everything.  Anyway, here’s the poem:

Whatever you read in the news today
just wait for a day or two

the odds are better than just O.K.

that it will be untrue


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