Infinite Doors

Imagine a room with infinite doors.

No, wait.  Scratch that.  A room full  of infinite doors would need to be an infinite room and then you run into that paradox whereby there are an infinite number of numbers between 0 and 1, an infinite number between 1 and 2, and so on, in fact an infinite number of infinities, and I don’t want this blog to be about math, or unsolvable problems.

Imagine an infinite number of doors.  They can be floating in  space for all I  care, they are metaphorical  doors.  Behind each one is a  different version of the future.  Behind one, Corbyn wins, behind another, May wins.  Behind one, windmills, behind another, lots of nuclear power plants, behind another, a world covered in oil spills and dead birds.  Behind one, she says yes.  Behind another, she says no.

It really would  be helpful if these doors were labeled, wouldn’t it?  It would be nice if we had enough information to know if we are entering one of the utopian futures, where everybody is listening to music and eating fruit salad and dancing in the meadow barefoot at sunset, or one where giant killer robots stalk the Earth and humans live in fear in abandoned parking garages.

Well, they are.  There  is  the old saying “He who has not studied history is condemned to repeat it,” but the flip side of that coin is true , too, that somebody  who has studied history and understands it well can, to some degree, predict the future.  Also, we have lots of truly smart people  on the planet who are well versed in science and technology and have a pretty good idea which ones can save us from starvation and which have the power to truly mess us up.

All of this knowledge exists, and it is the labels on the doors.  We just need to read before opening.  That’s a lot to  expect in a democracy, I know, but it’s how we can ensure a golden future.


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