Close, But Still Not Quite There

I am very tired of the good guys losing so many close elections.  In the USA, I was very disappointed with the election for the chairmanship of the state DNC, and I suspect fraud, and it is my understanding that so does Kimberly Ellis, and therefore the results are being challenged, which is good.  I though Rob Quist was going to pull of an upset in deep red big sky country, but it didn’t happen.  Now in England.

I know, I’ve got plenty of English friends on facebook telling me that this was actually a win, and I recognize that the British system is different from the American, but, nonetheless, it’s Theresa May whose forming the next government and not Jeremy Corbin, which is heartbreaking.

(as I understand it, since she doesn’t have a majority in parliament but just a plurality, she’s forced to form an alliance to even remain Prime Minister.   So, she’s formed that alliance with the DUP (the Mike Pence party) and it’s going to be horrible.)

Anyway, the closeness of, it seems, all elections around the world, makes me suspect that the big fix is in.  I mean, the planet is about 50/50 men and women, that’s logical.  But that people  should be so sharply divided ideologically is bizarre, statistically anomalous.  I don’t know whether it’s the Illuminati, the Masons, the Rothschild’s or the Bilderberg Group, but if it’s not some group like that I don’t know how to explain it.



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