It was hot today.  Real hot.  So  hot the sun was a menace to society.  So hot I feel sunburned and I was not  at the beach.  So hot the bus was  like  a sauna, as the sun came focused through  the window.  So hot people were congregating  wherever there was  shade.  So  hot I  dawdled  in a  shop, just because they had AC.  I didn’t  see anybody trying to fry an egg on  the sidewalk, but I’ll  bet you could  have.  So hot it’s still kind  of hot  now, and its midnight.  So hot the teachers on the playground set up lawnchairs under a tree and let the kids do whatever the hell  they wanted.

I suppose it was due.  It IS summer, after  all.   And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.  It was my  last day for the summer with all of my Thursday classes.  At the gymnasium I tried something I  haven’t done before, in all my years of  teaching, but maybe I should have.  In  two of  my classes (the ones  that had more than 6 people  present) I asked  them to write  down on a  piece  of paper – unsigned, I specified unsigned  but one girl  ignored that, plus the girl who write in over sized letter in  pink  marker, I know who  that  was, all right – what they thought  I could  do differently next  year.  I was surprised.  I got some really good, serious suggestions.  Some questions they don’t  like.  Some things they think  I do too often.  Some games – not just that they suggested we play more games, but some  of  them suggested  quite specific games.

So, now I’m committed.  If  I  don’t  try at least some of their suggestions next semester, I’ll look like  an asshole.  And  I  wouldn’t want that.


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