When there is an airplane crash, there is an investigation.   The investigations are fairly thorough and, in some cases, scientifically impressive.  (I remember the Lockerbie disaster, how they were able to identify which piece of luggage the bomb had been in – after all that destruction)  They’ve even got a TV program about it, “Air Crash Investigations.”  It’s interesting.  It’s also worth noting that these investigations, once they’ve identified the cause of the crash, often lead to actual changes in design or safety precautions, so that no future incidents happen because of that specific cause.  This is why air travel has become the safest mode of travel, and I’m grateful for that because I, with my family, will be getting on a plane Monday  morning and going to America for 3 weeks.

Nobody accuses the investigators of politicizing the crash.

Yet, when a tower block burns down because the sprinkler system was inadequate, and certain parts of the construction were more flammable than they should have been, or when a mentally ill person with a history of domestic abuse buys an automatic weapon and shoots a bunch of people at a baseball game, we’re accused of ‘politicizing the tragedy’ if we say “Why was that building unsafe” or “Why do the Democrats and Republicans have to have a baseball game and isn’t this a sign that they are all good friends and all working together to fleece the public out of just as much as they can get away with?,” we are accused of politicizing the issue.

Of course we’re politicizing the issue.  Lots of people are dead, and it’s the fault of the politicians.  Now, Republicans (and, in England, Tories) claim to be against regulations because of freedom, but I don’t buy that because they are the kind of people who are not so big on freedom, they just love throwing people in jail for long terms just for smoking weed, and other trivial stuff like that.  They are just against regulations, and probably because it will cost them a little bit, the greedy bastards.

Everything is political.  We live in a crowded society and, I think, a clear majority of people would like that to be a society where your chances of not being killed are higher.

So, let’s investigate.  Not just the Grenfell Tower fire, and not just the Virginia shooting, but all fires, and all shootings, until they start to become rarer and rarer incidents, and then let’s continue to investigate them whenever they happen.

So, just as air travel has become the safest mode of transportation, our society will become the safest society ever.  Because nothing puts a crimp in your freedom like being dead.



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