The Vacation Begins

Day 1.  It feels good to be here, we had a big deli sandwich dinner and we are beat, because, while it may just be 7 p.m., it’s 1 a.m. by the body clock and we’ve been up since 3.  The flight was no problem, Prague to Amsterdam left right on time, KLM was great, just about a 90 minute flight but they served sandwiches and coffee and the crew was gracious and friendly, like in the old days of flying.  The flight was packed, though.

The flight from Schiphol to Prague was a bit more problematic.  It was delayed for  about an hour, first there was a problem with the air in the cabin, and the announcement that they were trying to cool the plane down by leaving a rear door open was not too reassuring.  Then they said they needed to get a radio from another plane – it sounded like something  you’d say when you’re 16 and starting off on a road trip, not a major airline before a transatlantic flight.  But the crew was fine, they can’t  be blamed for that or even, as the flight was, once again, 100% full, that the toilets got a bit grotty, ran out of paper and just had a box of tissues there.

People talk a lot about how air travel sucks  nowadays, but it’s largely a victim of its own success.  Also, maybe, the 100% capacity may have led to cutbacks in service, because the airlines know they can pull all sorts of shit and the flights will still be full.  People have to get where they’re going to go.


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  1. DW

    Send my love to everybody in NY and DM.

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