On Our Way

Tomorrow morning we have to get up  at an  absolutely insane hour to get to the airport, where we will board a KLM flight to Amsterdam, where we will  change planes and continue to New York.

There should be no problems.  Passports are in order, we have everything packed, the taxi has been ordered, we have enough cash, all the phone numbers and directions we will need, Fifi has been at the cottage for a week where she will stay for the summer, and all of my classes have been canceled, most for the duration of the summer.

Nonetheless, I am nervous.  Some of it, I’m sure, is just pre-travel jitters, a macro version of the OCD checklist I go through every morning when I leave the house, looking into my bag and patting all my pockets many more times than the once that is all that is really necessary, and which is all a successful executive would usually go through.

Another part, however, is just that I’ve been away from America so long and it has, apparently, changed so much.  I’m sure, on one level, I’ll find little changed.  People are still people, not all of them will have gone completely nuts, and those who have, well, it’s probably more an exposure of the attitudes that were already there.

The pendulum will swing back.  How long that will take, I do not know.



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