Day 4

Day 4 of our vacation and it was a bit lighter on  the sightseeing, deliberately so, because we are sort of  burning out, well, at least I  am, I  think the kids are still  going strong.  We started off with a couple of errands in Ft. Lee, breakfast at McDonald’s which the kids were ecstatic with and then to rent a car but we saw the price and it was a serious WTF moment, like wait a minute, dude, that is more than twice, almost 3 times the price we saw on the internet and the guy behind the counter, without a touch of embarrassment, said “Well, you should book it on the internet, then.”  (which is what we’ve done, now.)

Then we went into the city and straight down to take the Staten Island ferry, because it’s a cool thing to do, does not involve a lot of walking or even much standing in line, and is free.  I love stuff that is free.  It heightens my enjoyment in a thing if I know I got it for free.  It’s part of what I tell others about the experience when I am recounting it afterward.  “And the best part is, it was free!”

Then we went for lunch and after headed back to Ft. Lee.  My brother Ben and his girlfriend had arrived and they  came over and we went to the hot dog place across the street for supper, a very American place, Chili Dogs, Cheese Dogs, Chili and Cheese Dogs, picnic seating outdoors, with bunting and American flags all around, but the waitress was not fazed at all when we asked for mayonnaise on our fries.

A couple of real New York moments today.  On the Metro, coming from downtown, everybody’s gone through and then I get “Insufficient funds on card” so I had to go back to the machine to add money but I knew I was going to get very confused with that because I’m a technophobe and Isabel was going to come back and help me but then she would have had to creep under the turnstiles to get back in, but we were saved by a lady who popped up out of nowhere and said “I’ve got an unlimited card, let me swipe you through.”  Then, we were on the train and a lady must have overheard us speaking Czech and asked where we were from and then said, “You know there’s a free boat ride, it starts from the pier on 81st St.”  I doubt we’ll get around to it, but that was very nice of her.


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